About me

I am a graphic designer who believes in the balance between the creative and the technical, because building a successful brand requires both. Owning a screen printing business I understand the manufacturing process on a deeper level than the average artist. With over ten years of freelance experience I have worked with clients ranging from start-ups through fortune 500 companies.  I have a range of experience from identity design, market research, branding, sourcing, advertising and multimedia. I pride myself on being flexible enough to accommodate my clients needs and  knowledgeable enough to do it right. With the increasing speed of business & manufacturing today, be it local or international, contact around the clock has become a necessity. If a question arises about packaging in the Czech Republic or product manufacturing in Shanghai, my client's know that I am ready to answer any questions that might arise at any stage of the process day or night. 


-Christ Bantlis




Identity Design

Brand Strategy

Print Design

Web Design & SEO

Print & Promotional Sourcing

Market Research








Microsoft Office

Windows XP/Vista/7





Bachelors Degree in Fine Art

California University of Pennsylvania


College Affiliate Program in Graphic Design

Art Institue of Pittsburgh




Tomzi International, LTD.

Yardley, PA

Senior Visual Designer


Unitee Promotions

Donora, PA